Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 Star Book Review: Golden Son (Red Rising, #2)

Author| Pierce Brown
Edition| Kindle eBook
Genre| Science Fiction/Dystopian
Publisher| Del Ray
Rating| 5 Stars
Other Posts| FIF, Red Rising

This post has SPOILERS FOR BOOK ONE so read at your own risk.

This book messed me up.  It's so good, I don't even know where to start.  In fact, it has set me down a Sci-fi crave, which I've never had before.  I'm calling it now- this is going to be a big year for Science Fiction for me unlike anything in the past.

Golden Son picks up right where Red Rising left off- sort of.  It does start over a year later, but very little has happened in that time and everything is quickly explained in the first chapter.  There is also very little reminder of what happened in book one, so if it's been a while since reading Red Rising, maybe look up a refresher.  If you just finished the first, quickly pick this one up, because it's best enjoyed that way.  When we reenter the world of Red Rising Darrow is a Lancer for Nero au Augustus alongside Roque, Tactus, and Victra (who's Antonia's sister).  Within two chapters he loses Augustus' favor and is on the loosing track.  So he thinks on his feet, makes a deal with the devil, and ends up starting something with far reaching consequences.

All the characters are given new sides to view in this book.  Any who may have had one-dimensional-ness in the first are far from it in this one, and every new character is treated with the same respect.  The character growth, too, is astounding.  At this point I think it's safe to say that everyone is on the path they will be headed down for the final installment.

The world in this one was so massive- I loved it!  We get to follow Darrow around, and while a lot of it takes place aboard space craft, just as much is on other planets and moons.  Getting to reach into the universe was so much fun, and probably the reason I like this one better than the first.  Besides Gold's and Red's taking center stage, other colors are introduced in larger parts, especially Obsidian's in the form of Ragnar, and Blue's in the form of Orion.

So many moments are perfect for feels, and I won't give any away, but they touch at your heart.  I wish I could say more about the book, but giving anything else might just spoil everything.  I will warn you: when you finish you'll wish the third book were out.  The story is just that good!  Hopefully you guys will heed my advice and pick up these must reads- they're definitely going on my favorite shelf for life!

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