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Graphic Novel Review: Batman and Son

Sorry, I meant to post this earlier, but family started coming in for Easter and I jumped on the opportunity to go to the Easter Vigil Mass at my church.  It was beautiful, but by the time it ended I was so pooped I couldn't get my thoughts straight.  Anyway, I hope you're having a good Easter if you celebrate, of course.  And if you don't celebrate, I hope you're having a good weekend anyway!

Now, to the review!

Author| Grant Morrison
Edition| Paperback
Publisher| DC Comics
Genre| Superhero
Rating| 3.25

I hate to give things ratings like 3.25 because I feel like 3.5 is already getting a little "desperate" to rate something.  But in this case, I just couldn't give it more or less.  Maybe it has something to do with the character.  Like, Batman is better than a three-star hero!  But the story wasn't good enough to warrant four stars....

There are two reasons for such a poor rating on this book.  One, my expectations were too high.  And, two, I just wasn't in the mood.  I was when I first started reading it, but then by interest withered.

Batman and Son follows the aforementioned hero through some mind-bending adventures.  First, he finds out he has a son... with none other than an enemy (of sorts).  Then, he has to deal with his own demons, as well as other characters from his past.

This got much darker than I thought it would.  The first few bits, where they explored the relationship between Damien and Wayne, were pretty good.  I think, tonally, they were spot on.  The story lacked here, though, and the ending of this part of the story seemed lackluster.  I'm hoping in future volumes I read some of the questions will be answered more thoroughly.  Then there was an interesting short story thrown in.  Heavy on words and light on pictures, the whole thing was right out of something that would normally be published by Vertigo.  It wasn't bad, but I felt like it didn't add to the story in any way and was very unexpected.  It did lack the trademark Vertigo stamp, in my opinion- sticking with the reader.  I haven't thought about it since reading that section.

Then we go into the Black Glove story line.  Easily the most enjoyable part of book.  I loved the classic Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie feel to this story.  A mystery for the great detective.  It also sheds light on how people have been affected by 'the batman' throughout the world.  I'd recommend picking this book up for this bit especially.

And then the last part of the story.  It was... confusing.  I liked where it was going, but I feel like more could have been explained.  The important parts were, but there were still holes.  I don't know everything about Batman (though I do know quite a bit, growing up in a family that half the time idolizes the character) and I think I can say the same for many readers.  And the ending was abrupt.  i get the idea of a cliff-hanger, but this wasn't so much of a shocker as a turn off.  Had it ended one issue earlier in the bind-up I think it may have worked much better.

All in all, I will be picking up the volume that follows this (Batman RIP if I'm not mistaken) though I don't think for some time.

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