Thursday, December 3, 2015

5 Star Manga Review: Noragami (Vol. 3 & 4)

Author| Adachitoka  Artist| Adachitoka  Rating| 5 Stars
Edition| Paperback
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How long has it been since I picked up a volume of this?  Answer: too long.  This is easily my favorite manga series (not that I read very much manga) and anime series (I watch more anime than I read manga, but still not a lot) of all time.  Am I being melodramatic?  NO!

The general premise is this: Hiyori is just a regular girl until the day she gets hit by a bus in an attempt to save Yato.  It turns out, Yato's a god- one without a shrine or any followers- and he would have been perfectly fine.  But now Hiyori has a problem- she keep slipping out of her body and is half-spirit, which is basically painting a target on her back.  So Yato promises to help... chaos ensues.

It's really, really good.  This is one of those cases where it's hard to write the review because it would just be me raving about it.  Because in my opinion this series is absolutely perfect!  So, instead of a proper review, review, let me tell you who will like it.

Well, everyone.  But I mean this in all seriousness.  It's even perfect for people who aren't big fans of manga, or people who aren't fans at all.  The story itself is unique and well thought out.  It will particularly appeal to those who like YA fantasy/paranormal/mythology, because it's closest in genre to this.  It also manages to be pretty family friendly (in that if it were a movie it be PG-13) while still being serious.  And it will get you in the feels.

If you're curious to see whether you'd like it, give the anime a chance.  It's on Netflix (and funimation, I think).  But be warned: watch only the subbed version (that's subtitled) and not dubbed (the English) because the dubbed is absolutely atrocious. 

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