Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fall Wrap-Up

Haha, well, I might be a little late on this one, since fall has long since passed at this point.  I wanted to continue the tradition of seasonal wrap-ups, though, and talk about my favorite reads from the last few months.  So, without, further ado, here are my favorite reads since this summer:
This is probably the only manga that's managed to catch me within the first few pages.  Thanks to my friend, M, who recommended it to me (and a few seconds later I ordered it) and got me hooked.  Absolutely adorable romance about two high schoolers with secrets.  I really recommend you pick this up.  Plus, volume two comes out in only a few weeks (I'm so excited!).

This was my favorite installment so far.  It totally blew me away, and just
rocked my world completely.  I recommend reading my review if you want to see me get all nostalgic for it.

This one took me far to long to get to.  I loved it (though I didn't give it five stars) and am so glad that I finally picked it up.  Only holding off on buying the next book because of funds.

Mind blowing amazing conclusion to an already amazing series.  I don't think anything else will be able to top this ending for quite some time.

You may notice that this is a rather short list, and while I read a ton of books that I liked, I haven't read that many that I absolutely loved and blew me away.  Which is a shame, and something I hope changes by the next time I do a wrap up.

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