Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where I Planned a Surprise Party)

Summer is right around the corner for me and I cannot wait!  The only reason I'm staying at school is because I have a final on the 31st, but it's not really one I can study for, so it's been a lie extended weekend for me to pack and read.  And packing is surprisingly easy!  

As for the surprise party I threw, it was for a friend's birthday (even though his birthday isn't for another few weeks).  Another one of my friend's and I have been planning this party for about five weeks, and yesterday, when it was finally going to happen, I was bursting with so much energy I couldn't even sit down for more than half an hour!  We also managed to surprise the rest of our friends, who we had convinced that the party was actually tonight and didn't tell them about the grandest surprise- the 30 inch pizza!  Would you like to see such a mega-pizza?



We took the remaining slices back home and put them in the fridge for our friend who didn't come.  The whole thing was so much fun, though I don't think I'll be able to eat pizza again for a while.  The first thing the waitress said when she brought us our food was "Good luck" which we seriously needed.

Finished This Week
Nothing, but I'm not too mad because my classes were all finishing up and there was a lot of work I needed to finish for my classes.  Plus, next week I'll have so much more time to read!

Currently Reading
I'm still reading a bunch of books, but I thought I'd only list here the ones I plan to finish this week.
The Crown's Game - I'm over halfway done and I might even finish tonight
Even If the Sky Falls - I'm a few chapters in and this should be a quick read
Klaw - this is an ARC of a graphic novel I forget I had from Netgalley and so I'm rushing through it; never before has a fight between a Chicken and a Tiger been more exciting!

Last Week
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Next Week
Sunday-- Coffee Book Tag
Monday-- The Raven Boys Review
Tuesday-- Book Recommendations
Wednesday-- Summer Book Goals

Also, did you see that Cassandra Clare is co-writing a series about Magnus Bane aimed at an adult audience?  This is the last thing I expected, but something I'm actually pretty excited for!  Now another book I have to wait for *sigh* but that's okay.

What did you read this week?


  1. What a pizza! Wow! XD Sounds like you guys had a good time!

    I heard about Clare writing an adult book with Magnus - definitely interested in that!

    1. It was absolutely gigantic I had no idea what was in store for me when I ordered it!

      When I heard that there were going to be more Magnus books I was curious, but I think I'm even more excited by the fact that it will be aimed at adults.


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