Thursday, October 22, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: Saga (Vol. 2)

Author| Brian K Vaughan  Artist| Fiona Staples  Rating| 4.5 Stars
Edition| Paperback
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This books picks up right where the last one left off.
Marko and Alana receive some surprise visitors that send them on journeys, both of the heart and the physical sort.  On the other fronts, The Will teams up with a new ally, and Prince Robot the IV begins to make his way closer towards his quarry.

I'm being purposefully vague so as not to spoil anything.

This one, like the first, just barely missed the five star cut.  I looked forward to reading it each day and enjoyed all aspects of it, but it just didn't wow, shock, or awe me.  I wasn't blown away, which is why I couldn't rightfully give it five stars.  

My favorite thing about this one was that we finally got to see the character's backstories.  Well, most of them (at least a piece).  I'm not sure exactly how Fiona Staples managed to convey this through her art, but there was a more innocent look to all the younger versions of the characters that just really made me feel the feels.

I don't know who my favorite character is anymore, because they're all so wonderful.  I'm looking forward to picking up volume three at some point soon because this series is super addicting and it seems to really have a great momentum to it.

If you're not reading this series, what's wrong with you?  But seriously, it's a great series for those new to graphic novels.  Click here to add it on goodreads.

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