Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where I Went Into the City)

It has been a pretty lackluster week over all, with motivation for things waxing and waning, but yesterday I spent the whole day in the city.  My family and I picked my grandmother up and, even though we've lived in the Chicago area our whole lives, we did a totally tourist thing and did a bus tour.  It was really fun, the guides were fantastic, and we even stopped at Navy Pier for a few hours and I got to ride the new ferris wheel.  The only downside?  Sunburn.  It's not awful, but my forehead was bright red, and part of my chest does hurt a bit still.  I've had worse, so I'm not complaining to loudly.  Give it a few days and I'll be fine.

Finished this Week
I finished reading the first volume of White Sand, the newest chapter of Brandon Sanderson's Comer, and it is SOOOOOOO good so if you're a fan of his work check this one out when it releases Tuesday.  A full review will be coming later.  I also only have like three chapters left of Rebel of the Sands, so while I haven't finished it yet it will be done in an hour or so, so I'm counting it.

"Currently" Reading
I'm going to start And I Darken when I finish Rebel and then I'll be launching into my yearly reread of the Throne of Glass series.  Normally I don't reread Assassin's Blade since it doesn't always have an impact on the story, but I think certain characters from it will be returning in Empire of Storms so it seems like a good idea.  If I somehow finish both of those I will start my reread of Chamber of Secrets.

Last Week

Next Week
Monday-- Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge Review
Tuesday-- My Upcoming TBR (& Do You Want to Buddy Read?)
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday-- The Dream Thieves Review
Friday-- Summer and Yearly Goals Update
Saturday-- Wrap Up

I have a really full week next week!  I'm so glad it's summer and I've had the time to read and write reviews and posts again.  How's your summer going?


  1. I didn't know you lived in Chicago! If we had met a few weeks earlier maybe we could've met up when I was in Chicago for BookCon. ��

    1. That would have been pretty cool! Maybe if it comes back to Chicago in a few years? I wish I could have gone to BookCon this year since it was here, but things didn't work out :( Finger's crossed it will return!

  2. Technically I've been to Chicago - if you count driving around it to get up into Wisconsin... Someday I would definitely like to see the sights though! :)

    1. Haha I think that sorta counts! It's a huge city so why not? It's really a beautiful place- very clean and the skyline is the best in the world (but, I'm biased).


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