Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where So Much Has Happened I Don't Know Where to Start)

I'm finally on summer break!  And for the first few hours it was such a relief!  I finally get time to read and just do whatever I want.  I even had the chance to go to Six Flags (for free, I might add, since my friend has a season pass and it was bring a friend day) and that was a blast.  But, it wasn't long before I realized that my depression, which I've had more or less under control for the last month or so, has come back in full force and kept me up half of the night last night.  For a while today I thought I might take a break from blogging for a bit to help get it back under control, but one thing with depression is that it keeps you away from things that normally make you really happy, and then without those activities things get worse.  So I'm not going to take a break from blogging.  I might not be around as much, but I'm hoping this will help push me through it.

So, I have some other bad news.  And it might tie into why my depression has returned the way it has.  My dog, who's eleven years old, was diagnosed with diabetes.  We have to give him two shots a day.  Personally, I'm really happy we finally figured out why he's been out of sorts and that we have a way to help him.  I love him very much, but at the end of the day, he's just a dog (not a human- don't hate me if this sounds really cold) and we've been able to tell for a while now that he probably doesn't have much time left.  I've made my peace with the idea, and it helps that I haven't been home.  My parents, though, are a wreck.  They pretty much consider our dog another member of the family (my dad has even slipped up and called him son, LOL) and they're taking it really hard.  And so are their wallets.  He has to get blood work done every ten days and the insulin needs to be refilled every month (maybe every three weeks depending on the dosage).  We've already been pretty strained lately, so this (and the reason for this) has led to a lot of tension.  It's that tension more than anything else that's starting to eat away at me.  So, yeah, pretty sad news there.

In brighter news- I finally listened to Hamilton.  And it was amazing!  I just keep listening to the whole soundtrack on repeat and can't get enough of it!  It's even gone so far as to influence me to start learning more about American history, something I was really interested in when learning about it in school but now I want to pursue it independently.  Will I be reading the Hamilton biography?  You bet!  But first, I've actually ordered a George Washington biography that I plan on getting to.  I may even review it because why not?

Finished This Week
I didn't realize I had finished so many until now, but I read The Crown's Game, Klaw Vol. 1, Even if the Sky Falls, and Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

Currently Reading
I'm reading the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and when I'm done with that I will be reading the Washington biography I mentioned earlier.

Last Week
Sunday-- Coffee Book Tag

Next Week
Wednesday-- WoW
Saturday-- Wrap Up
*for the record, I did not realize how few things I had planned for this week, so don't be surprised if another sort of post pops up on a random day

What did you read this week?  And how was your week?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm so sorry about your depression and your dog! I can't imagine how hard it must be. I hope everything is okay. If you need to talk, message me. I'll help how I can, or just listen if that's what you need. <3

    1. Thank you you're so sweet :) I may take you up on that offer if things sink this low again.

  2. I've always wanted to go to a Six Flags - I have been to both Cedar Point and King's Island in Ohio (Cedar Point is the best, especially if you like roller coasters) and I'm glad you had a good time.

    Hamilton! I really should listen to the soundtrack soon - I feel like I'm really missing out.

    Congrats on making it to summer break!

    I'm sorry about your dog - hopefully things will become more manageable for him. My dog recently passed away a few months ago of pancreatitis. We could tell he wasn't feeling right, but by the time us and the vet figured it out it had quickly taken a toll on his health. We tried to get him back into good shape, and he seemed to be improving, but unfortunately in the end it got the better of him. Again, hopefully things will get better for yours.

    1. I've always wanted to go to Cedar Point! I had plans a few years ago, but they fell through. I adore roller coasters and I've only heard great things about Cedar Point. Hopefully you'll find your way to a Six Flags soon!

      You really are missing out on Hamilton it totally blew my mind! If you have amazon prime you can listen to it for free. It was such an experience- I just laid down and listened to it and was crying by the end I was so moved and, yeah, now you could say I'm obsessed. My poor family roll their eyes every time I bring it up.

      Thank you. I'm sorry about your dog. It's so hard to lose a dog.

    2. My favorite roller coaster hands down at Cedar Point is the Millennium Force - I know they've made a few changes since the last time I was there so there are a few new rides that I haven't been on yet, and sadly some old favorites have been dismantled to make way for new stuff. I only live 2 - 2 1/2 hours away, so I've been there many times! :)

      I actually have it on hold for myself at the library, and it'll be a bit of a wait before it comes in but I can't wait to start listening. :)


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