Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Candle Collection

I've been on a bit of a candle high lately (thanks in large part to Angela). While I have managed to more or less conserve my money I have bought a few candles this summer and I have plans to buy at least one more before I go back to school (and maybe ship it there so it will meet me). Since my recent candle reviews went over well (definitely expect to see more such reviews in the future) I thought I would share a look at my whole collection of candles. I've tried to include links to each individual candle, but if they're exclusives or no longer being sold I've tried to at least include a link to the shop itself.

My current burn (I try to feature a different candle each week) is Bourbon Maple, an autumn scent (it's finally the best season of the year!) from Bath and Body Works. It was probably the most expensive candle I've ever bought but it's delicious smelling, has great throw, and is just generally a top quality candle. It's also the first three-wick candle I've ever bought and I can see why they've got so much hype behind them.

I've also, unsurprisingly, got a rather large Sarah J Maas themed collection. (Going from left to right:) First up is The Night Lord from MuggleLibraryCandles and as soon as it arrived I knew they would be a favorite candle shop for me. I've also got two candles from LunaLovesByCorinna; the first one is Rhysand and the other is The Suriel: Prythian's Gossip Queen (which I think the whole fandom can appreciate). In front of those two is the Amarantha themed sampler from The Melting Library; it was part of the Villains Sampler Set a few months ago. On the Throne of Glass side of things I've also got Celaena's Apartment from In the Wick of Time, and Dorian from Meraki Candles.

If you know anything about me it's how much I love the Christmas season and in particular Christmas candles. They can make it feel like early winter any time of the year. The two Yankee Candles I have here are Sparkling Cinnamon and Balsalm and Cedar. I rarely burn them apart because they are the epitome of Christmas scent for me. I also have Wizards Chess from Meraki Candles and Christmas at the Little Palace from The Melting Library.

I talk frequently about my love for Caraval so it should be no surprise that I have at least two candles for the book (though I do plan on collecting far more). First up was Legend from The Melting Library. I also have Come Back Yesterday from Meraki Candles, which was, sadly, a limited edition from Fairyloot (I so wish I could buy a full sized of this).

(Going from left to right:) I have the Cabeswater candles from Meraki Candles, which is actually one of my Mom's favorite candles that I have. I also have Shadow (from American Gods) from Frostbeard. Interestingly enough, for the amount of times I've purchased things from them this is the first time I bought a candle from Frostbeard for myself. And from Melting Library I have Dirtyhands, Warden (from The Bone Season), and Liesl (from Wintersong- still haven't read that book).

As for my sampler collection I'm not going to name them all (nor link any because all the shops are linked above, more than once). In the center here I have the Divergent sampler, an exclusive from Fairyloot, which is a really summery scent. Making up the rest of the samplers are pieces from the Villains sampler set and the Beauty and the Beast sampler set from Melting Library.

Last but not least are the last of my candles, and these are all non-bookish. The large one in the front is from Kirklands, a local home goods store, and is one of my all time favorites: Orange Popsicle. It sounds exactly like a Dreamsicle and I could burn this forever. The next two are from WoodAndWaxCo on Etsy, a really lovely wooden wick candle company. On top is Green Tea, and on bottom is Aurora Borealis. And all the way on the end is a new candle I picked up on my trip to Philadelphia. It's from a little shop called Bee Natural that I stumbled upon in Reading Terminal Market (if you're in the Philly area and have never gone you're seriously missing out). Ordering from them is rather pricey, but I do love the Pumpkin Spice candle I got from them and I hope to be able to return.

I'm rather proud of my book candle collection, and I plan to continue to expand it. Candles have become such a nice addition to my life and seriously help relax me on stressful days. Do you collect candles? Which is your favorite scent? What's your favorite store? I always need more places to buy from so please give me bunches of recommendations down below!


  1. This is awesome. I feel like I should do a post showcasing all my candles, because I definitely have a lot! I'm currently burning Kaz from Noxtolumos Candle Co (it's helping me with my current WIP lol).

    1. Yes yes do a candle post! I'd love to see your collection.

  2. Cool collection! You're making me want to spend all of my money...

    1. Haha nooo don't spend all your money! (not on candles at least, lol, maybe books). Thank you :)


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