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New To You: Graphic Novel Book Club, aka N2U:GNBC (I'm just kidding, I don't think I've ever called it that), is something I started in October 2015 to help introduce people to graphic novels.  In the last two years or so Graphic Novels have become a popular medium- in part thanks to Marvel and DC rolling out their mega-franchises, and in part due to Image Comics' growing popularity.  But, still, they haven't reached everyone.  New to You is an opportunity for anyone who's already a fan of graphic novels to share their love of them, and for people who are looking to get into graphic novels to find a great place to start.

Each month a different graphic novel will be featured, and it will be chosen by voting.  Here's a rough schedule for what will happen each month:
  • first/second Monday: review and information about current pick
  • second/third Monday: voting for next graphic novel
  • third/fourth Monday: begin giveaway and announce next month's pick
  • fourth/fifth Monday: a live show/live post (still TBD) where all interested in participating will be talking about it live

If you want to talk about the club on twitter, use #New2U and #(insert book we're reading here).  There will be more information about twitter chats and twitter sprints and such as they come up.  The best way to find out about these things will be through the Goodreads group and this blog.

November 2015:
Reading: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1
9th- Information and My Review
16th- Voting for December Pick
23rd- Giveaway Begins and Information for December Pick
___-Liveshow/Live chat TBD (let me know if you're interested in joining!)

#New2U #Guardians

October 2015:
Reading: East of West Vol. 1
___- Liveshow/Live chat TBD (more information coming)

#New2U #EastofWest

last updated: October 2015

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