Monday, October 5, 2015

New To You Book Club October: East of West GIVEAWAY

If you've poked around the blog a bit you may have noticed that I've got a book club starting.  For full information go here.  This post is mostly dedicated to information about the book we're reading and not the book club information, since I've talked about that quite a lot.

First, you can enter a giveaway for the book we're reading!  This giveaway is international and you don't have to join the book club to enter.

What is East of West?  Here's the information taken from goodreads:
This is the world. It is not the one we wanted, but it is the one we deserved. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse roam the Earth, signaling the End Times for humanity, and our best hope for life, lies in DEATH.
The author is Jonathan Hickman.  This is his website.  He's also written The Manhattan Projects and done work for Marvel, most notably Avengers and Fantastic Four.

The artist is Nick Dragotta.  Here is his tumblr.  

Why I'm Excited:
I've heard good things about the series and I have a thing for Westerns right now.  Don't ask, it's just a craving I've gotten.

The schedule for this month's book club can be found under the book club tab up above.  I hope you read along with me!

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