Monday, April 27, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: A New Sheriff in Town (Copperhead, Vol. 1)

Author| Jay Faerber
Artists| Scott Godlewski and Ron Riley
Edition| eGalley courtesy of Netgalley
Publisher| Image Comics
Genre| Science Fiction
Rating| 4 Stars
Release Date| March 11th

Thanks to Image Comics and Netgalley for allowing me to read an early copy of Copperhead.  I received this eGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Have you ever seen the movie Treasure Planet?  It's a pretty solid film, and if you haven't, I must recommend it.  The art and and setting of Copperhead reminded me of Treasure Planet.  Multiple races living together in a steampunky foreign planet not far from the Old West.  In this book, a single mother takes the job as sheriff (hence the title).  She's met with dislike, for multiple reasons.  Mostly because she's an outsider, and also because she's not easily bought.  When some of her citizens die under her watch, it launches a mystery.

I feel like there isn't much to say about this book.  It was good, if unoriginal.  Fun, if nothing special.  I really did enjoy it, but I don't know if I'd ever buy it.  So why the four stars and not less?  Because it's a quality work.  The story and characters have a lot of room to grow and mature, which under the good hands of these creators, I'm sure it will.

Copperhead has the feel of a good, almost classic, Science Fiction story.  It has a niche, for certain.  While I may never buy the books, I'll keep a look out and read them from my library.

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