Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics is something I do every other week in order to review and comment on the comics I've recently read.  Since I read so many, and since they're so short, I like to keep them all in one place.  These last two weeks I've read fourteen comics.  I also signed up for Marvel Unlimited.  So far it's been an awesome decision.  At only ten dollars a month I'm able to read a huge amount of comics- recent ones and older ones.  It's wonderful and I really recommend it!

Marvel Comics

FCBD 2015 Avengers/Inhumans
written by Charles Soule and Mark Waid
art by Mahmud A Asrar and Brandon Peterson
rating: 5 Stars
This is exactly as it sounds, the free comic book day preview of the new Avengers line-up and the new Inhumans run.  I really, really like the newest team of Avengers.  It's made up of both classic and new names and looks like a lot of fun.  I'm eagerly anticipating this series to start later this year.  It's going to be awesome.
Silk (2015- ) Issues #3-5

written by Robbie Thompson
art by Stacey Lee
rating:  4.5 stars
I'm a big fan of Silk.  I think that's been clear if you've been reading my recent Sunday Comics.  I love love love the art, and the story has finally taken it up a notch.  Cindy Moon is one of my favorite characters, and I think I'll read anything she's in.  If you aren't reading this series, you really should.  It's also a really great place to start for people new to comics.

Runaways (2003-2004) Issue #1
written by Brian K Vaughan
art by Adrian Alphona, David Newbold, and Brian Reber
rating: 4.5 stars
So, this is a pretty popular series on Tumblr.  I decided to give it a try because it sounded good and had good reviews.  It was not at all what I expected- it was far better.  The characters, while still being developed since this is only the first issue, were pretty cool and I plan to read much more of this series in the coming weeks.  This is another great place to start if you're new to comics or want a series with a YA feel to it.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade Issue #6

written by Allan Heinberg
art by Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, and Justin Ponsor
rating: 4 stars
This may be one of my favorite story lines right now, but even that doesn't hide the fact that this issue was missing a lot.  I wasn't as entertained, nor did much actually end up being accomplished.  There were some cameo's from some mutants, Jessica Jones, and Hawkeye, but these cameos took up the whole thing and weren't a tone of fun when layered together like they were.  I wanted more.  Regardless, there were some very touching scenes between Wiccan, Speed, and Scarlet Witch, making me fangirl pretty hard.

New Avengers: The Reunion Issue #2
written by Jim McCann
art by Alvaro Lopez and David Lopez
rating: 4.5 stars
I'm still not a huge fan of the art in this series.  Also, the story line is a little out there and can be confusing.  I do love the Mockingbird/Ronin dynamic, though.  Through flashbacks, this one managed to break my heart a couple of times.

Kanan- The Last Palawan Issues #1 & 2

written by Greg Weisman
art by Pepe Larraz
rating: 5 stars
Now this has to be my favorite comic book right now.  Not only do I love Kanan from Star Wars Rebels, but I love him in general.  Getting his backstory is wonderful.  Even if it wasn't about him, the topic is pretty awesome.  It starts with Order 66 and little Caleb Dume (Kanin's real/old name) is a padawan.  He escapes but is lost in the universe and on the most wanted list.  It's a fantastic comic in every aspect.  From the art to the writing.  If you're into Star Wars or want an awesome story, read this.

DC Comics

Superman/Wonder Woman Sneak Peek (2013- )
rating: 2 stars
I'm not a fan.  For a preview, it doesn't do a good job of setting up a story or telling what's going on.  Maybe I'll give this another try and read the first issue, but it's not top priority.
Teen Titans Preview (2014- )
rating: 4.5 stars
I do plan to read this series.  It was a good preview, the art is awesome!, and I'm curious to see how this newest incarnation of some of my favorite characters pans out.
We Are.... Robin! Preview (2015- )
rating: 3.5 stars
It has potential.  I'm not going to subscribe to it any time soon, but I think maybe after a few issues I'll give it another chance.  I like the premise a lot and am curious to see how it affects the rest of the Bat-verse.
Young Justice (Classic Series) Issue #1
written by Peter David
art by Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker
rating: 3.5 stars
Hmm.. okay.  This was a free issue, and that, coupled with the fact that I loved the show, made me pick it up.  It's basically an issue of teen titans with less characters.  I don't dislike it, but I don't see myself continuing with it right away.  Maybe after I finish a series of Teen Titans I'll pick it up, but for now they're too similar for my taste.
Astro City (1995-1996) Issue #1
written by Kurt Busiek
art by Brent Anderson, Electric Crayon, and Steve Buccellato
rating: 1.5 stars
I get the premise- a commentary on the super hero genre.  I liked that aspect of it, but I thought it was hurried and I didn't like the dropping of about a million new terms that mean nothing to me.  That wouldn't bother me if there was more to the story, but it was pretty two dimensional.  Won't be continuing with this series, unfortunately.

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