Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Back & Weekly Wrap Up and Book Haul

So I'm back after being absent for two weeks!  I really missed the blog and blogging in general and have been itching to come back.  I also managed to get way ahead in my reviewing, so I won't be worrying or stressing about reading any certain number of books.  The vacation was great, and now I'm pumped to get back into everything!

So while I didn't manage to finish the whole Heroes of Olympus series I did race through the first two and a half.  I'm reading Mark of Athena right now and plan to finish it today or tomorrow.  After that I'll move directly onto House of Hades and then Blood of Olympus.  I love the series so far (though I expected as much) and can't wait to see what else is yet to come.

On the TV front I haven't really been watching any one particular thing, but I am behind on a lot of my shows thanks to the trip, so my goal is just to catch up.  My plan for the week is as follows, though the release's of the posts may be a bit random since I didn't pre-write any of them. 

Monday- Review of Breathe 
Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday- Review of Rogue Squadron Vol. 1
Friday- Review of World After and Friday 56
Saturday- Wrap Up and Book Haul

My book haul this week is compilation of several weeks and is super huge, so I elected not to put in pictures and overload this post.

I picked up a ton of galleys from netgalley (I think I can read them all; they're all graphic novels):
Tortured Life
V-Wars: Night Terrors
They're Not Like Us
The Good Brother
Tooth & Claw
Supreme: Blue Rose
Pawn Shop
Forged in Flame
How to Eat Ramen
Ebooks I picked up are:
The Wanderer
Duval and the Infernal Machine
The Robber Bride
The T2 Trilogy
Daredevil Yellow
I got one hardcopy book: Neverwhere
And several comics:
Avengers: Children's Crusade #6
Silk #5
New Avengers- Dark Reign: The Reunion #2
Kanan #1 and #2

So, yes, way too many books.  But I'm okay with that because I can't wait to read all of them.  What did you pick up this week?


  1. Welcome back! And yes that is a huge book haul!

    1. Thanks! Normally it's way to big of a haul, particularly with the galley's, but I've been reading sooo much lately I'm not worried. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dang that's a lot of book. Some awesome comic titles too! Lots of great books here to read. My Top Ten Tuesday since I didn't do Stacking the Shelves this week. :)


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