Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Comics

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Comics!  In case you were wondering why these don't seem to be occurring as often, it's because they're now a monthly post instead of a bi-weekly post.  I haven't been as reading as many comics lately, so it's more productive to do it at the end of each month.

Hawkeye Vol. 5: All-New Hawkeye
Writer: Jeff Lamire
Artist: Ramon Perez
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Now, I don't normally do graphic novel reviews in my Sunday Comics posts, but with the amount I read, unless I have something particularly special to say about it, I'm just going to include them here. I'm a big fan of Hawkeye, as you may know from reading my other reviews of this series, but this one fell flat for me.  That's not particularly surprising since it's coming off one of my favorite comic arc's of all time (seriously, go read Fraction and Aja's take on the characters immediately!).  There was no way it could be better, or even as good.  And as a comic, it was very good, something I would probably recommend to people.  My big problem with it is the fact that the story that was set up in the end of Fraction and Aja's run, one I was eagerly awaiting, is not the one this looks like it will be covering.  This installment certainly did a lot of work to set up a whole new plot, one that doesn't seemed tied in at all.  I shall wait patiently to see if I'm wrong.  The art, while it can't stand up to Aja's, is gorgeous.  I loved the difference between flashback scenes and real time.  I'm eager to continue this series.

Teen Titans Vol. 1: It's Our Right to Fight
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Brett Booth
Rating: 3 Stars
This just doesn't seem to be my month, huh?  Another book I was pretty excited for was this one.  I love Teen Titans (the classic Cartoon Network show and some of the older comics) so I was looking forward to this rendition.  Like many other New 52 relaunches, I just wasn't happy with it.  The art was great, but overwhelming since they seemed to want to cram something into every single corner and it often didn't meld with the story, leaving me feeling lost.  The story was decent, but certainly over-the-top ridiculous.  I didn't like the new origin stories and personalities assigned to characters I was used to seeing one way and I didn't like that, when trying to connect them all, it seemed like they were just being thrown together at the expense of the story.  Also, it reminded my of Inhumans a hell of a lot.  I don't know which came out first or whatnot, but I'm more familiar with Inhumans, so this felt like a rip-off.


  1. I used to watch Teen Titans on tv - I liked the show, but I've never read any of the comics.

    1. I loved the Teen Titans TV show (I even own season one). I've read a few of their comics, but this is the most recent run and it's just... not good.


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