Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up and Book Haul

So, my first week of classes has successfully wrapped up.  The classes themselves weren't too stressful (Latin was cancelled except for Monday when we're meant to meet every day of the week, which was nice), but just getting back into the swing of things was hard enough.  And, on top of all this, my roommate decided to transfer out before the term ended, and she left this morning.  That was actually really hard to deal with since we've become really close friends, but it's the best decision she could have made.  That was really what prevented me from being super active online this week.  But, now that things have settled down, I'm ready to get back into this like I was during this winter break.  Enough about me.

Finished this Week
Well, I finished reading Red Queen, which was amazing!  I haven't been able to sit down and write a review, yet, because of how much love I have for this book.  But I will write a review and that will be out somewhat shortly because it was a perfect book.

Currently Reading
The Night Parade, an ARC that I'm happy to be digging into (even though I'm not far).

Currently Writing
Not any new news, really.  I've hit the 29k word mark this week, which is nice.

Currently Listening
Taylor Swift's old stuff.  For some reason I've just been in the mood for it and it's been a pleasure.

Last Week
Thursday-- January Pre-Orders

This Week
Monday-- College Journey 8
Tuesday-- Book Review: Shadow's Edge
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday-- Graphic Novel Review: Skywalker Strikes
Friday-- Friday 56
Saturday--Wrap Up and Book Haul

I have a big haul this week, but most of them were bought with Christmas money, so I don't feel so bad.
Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge is a book I requested and received from Netgalley.  I'm really excited for this one, it sounds right up my alley and I'm eager to dive in.  I'll be reading this one, hopefully, early next month, though you probably won't see a review until much closer to its release in June.

QQ Sweeper Vol. 1 is one that I bought nearly on a whim.  It sounded good and I needed to fill my cart on the Barnes and Noble website.  It's only a three volume series, so I'm curious to see how that works since I've never read a manga series that short.

The Mortal Instruments First Four Books.  I now own three copies each of these books and I don't have pictures to show you these, so I just have to explain them.  Basically, I was at Walmart and looking in the book section (as one does) and saw that there were hardcovers of the first four TMI books in their new covers.  And not just any hardcovers, but library edition (I'm pretty sure).  In fact, they really shouldn't exist for the casual buyer.  But, they were on clearance for five dollars each (which surprised me further) so I picked them up!
A Thousand Pieces of You and Illuminae are two books I bought to buddy read this month.  I'm super excited to read these, you have no idea!
Truthwitch was a preorder that finally came in and it's so much prettier in person!  I can't wait to read this one, most likely in the next month or so.

I won Oblivion in a giveaway over at the wonderful Lauren Stoolfire's blog!  This was one of my favorite movies when I saw it and I can't wait to finally sit down and see it again.  It's really a fantastic movie if you've never seen it.

So how was your week?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Congrats on making 29k! Illuminae was so good. It was weird, but once you really get into it... I could not put it down.

    Am I the only person not in love with the cover for Truthwitch? I dunno. It is a bit nicer in person, but I still think it's meh. lol.

    1. Oh Illuminae is amazing so far! I'm loving it and also terrified of it since it's basically everything I fear about space travel shoved into one book.

      You actually might be the only person not in love with the Truthwitch cover haha :) I will admit it's not my favorite cover ever, but I was really happy to find that it was a tall hardback when it came in the mail, so that made my day.

  2. Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge looks really interesting - I'll have to keep my eyes open for it when it's released. I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

    Such a good deal on those TMI books - I like checking the clearance books at Walmart, too. Sometimes they have some great stuff!

    Illuminae is coming up for me - I've got another want to get to first! A Thousand Pieces of You was so good! I hope you like it. Red Queen was a lot of fun. I don't think I was quite as blown away as you though - I thought it seemed to familiar...But it sure was fun!

    I'm glad to hear Oblivion came in just fine! It's such a cool movie. :)

    1. I'm really excited to read Nightshade Lounge!

      Illuminae was so good!!! I'm really excited to get to A Thousand Pieces of You. I see what you mean about Red Queen being familiar, but it was still rather enjoyable. I think I was just in the mood for this sort of book!

  3. Awesome find on the TMI books!! I'm currently reading the third book in the series, so I'm a little behind :) A Thousand Pieces of You, Illuminae and Truthwitch are all on my TBR list as well. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!!

    Thanks for stopping by my STS!!

    1. Illuminae was amazing!!! I can't wait to get to Truthwitch and A Thousand Pieces of You!


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