Monday, May 18, 2015

3 (More) DNF Reviews

I did one like this a month, maybe two months, ago.  It's easier to do these little mini-reviews for books I couldn't finish.  Keep in mind, just because a book wasn't right for me doesn't make it wrong for you.  My opinions are my opinions.  Sometimes I love books others hate and vice versa, so please don't be offended if I dislike a book you hold dear.

Ember X isn't a bad idea for a book.  The main character, Ember, can see the way someone's going to die by touching them.  It's part of what drew me into it.  Plus, I was in the mood for something a little steamy, and it delivers on that account.  I couldn't finish it, though, because the writing.  It was pretty poor.  Everything was spelled out and there was no fluidity to the story.  A shame since I had higher hopes for this one.

Twisted Dark was an egalley from netgalley.  I didn't really know what to expect going into this one, but the changing art style, plus the strange stories threw me off completely.  The saddest thing about it all was that I perhaps could have gotten past these issues and continued forward, except the medium.  It was on my kindle- which was the only way to read it- but that was a poor choice.  I couldn't make out what each box said, and if I zoomed in, it caused glitches!  I wish there had been another way to read it, to be honest, I think I could have liked it a lot more.

The Fade Out was another egalley.  I had really high hopes for this one because it just sounded so cool.  I love noir stuff and pair that with a graphic novel, I'm sold.  I couldn't get past the first twenty percent.  It was full of characters that all looked alike, had a mystery that made little sense, and the art was far from what I expected.  From what I've heard, other's are having similar issues with this one.  Such a shame, because it had a great potential.

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