Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pilot Season #2

Yes, we're beginning to close in on the pilots.  Channels are going to be making the big decisions this month, and I'm here to help introduce you to a few of the pilot's I have my eye on.

This is a continuation from this post here which you should definitely check out.  Each time I post one of these (every twelve days or so) I take time to talk about a few pilots the channels have their eye on.  A pilot is the episode used to sell a series.  Normally, an idea is pitched to a network, the network decides whether they want it, and then a pilot is made.  The pilot then determines whether the show gets picked up for a few episodes (normally somewhere from six to twelve episodes).  The turnout for those episodes then determines if it gets a full series.

Since these are only pilots, it means very little.  They may get picked up, they may not.  Every year I try to jump on the train early and pick out what I'm most looking forward to.

Super Clyde @ CBS
This one stars Charlie McDermott (the oldest brother on The Middle) as a fast-food worker that finds his calling.  It's a comedy, which we know he can pull off, that sounds like a good fit for the sort of character he's used to playing.  If I'm being honest, I think it could turn into a great guilty pleasure, if nothing more.

Supergirl @ CBS
It would be more surprising if this show didn't work out.  I mean, superheros and comics on TV are the thing these days (I have no problem with that!).  Especially coming from the brilliance that is Greg Berlanti (of Arrow and Flash fame), this one promises to be, well, super.  It could be a lot of fun in many different ways, and will finally get a kick-ass female leading a DC show!

Cheerleader Death Squad @ The CW
Corny sounding, I know.  But hey, it is the CW bringing this one forward.  It's about an ex-spy who begins to recruit and train some of his students to help him do spy stuff.  It sounds pretty fun, and actually makes me think of Kim Possible.  There's so much potential here, but something tells me it won't be given much of a chance.

Dead People @ The CW
So a cab driver starts seeing ghosts, including his ex-wife.  You had me at seeing ghosts.  Plus, the lead, isn't bad on the eyes (Andrew J West, anyone?).  Again, I feel like it has a ton of potential and good be a darker show.  I'll watch it regardless, and actually consider it a most anticipated (assuming it happens).

Tales from the Darkside @ The CW
This is exactly what television needs!  A horror anthology series has been missing from the networks for too long.  I love the idea of it, plus, it's just a reinvention of the 1980 version.  Can anyone say vintage?  Count me in right now.

Any shows catch your interest?  Would you watch them?  I want to know, so drop me a comment down below!

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