Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dragon Loyalty Award: The Answers

Last week I posted the (Dragon Loyalty Award: the Great Game) questions (thank you Lauren for nominating me- follow her!) and it's time to reveal the answers!  Everyone who guessed got really, really close, so good job guys!  Thanks for playing along :) (I reposted the original post here for ease of reading)

The Rules:
1. Give seven (or nine) facts about yourself.
2. Tag other bloggers (dragons only).

So, four of these "facts" will be true and five false, or five true and four false.  Guess in the comments!  Good luck, everyone!

The "Facts":
1. I love the musical Wicked

2. My favorite superhero is Black Widow

3. I go to a small liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere

4. I have a horrible singing voice

5. I have an orange cat named Chester

6. I cut my hair (drastically) for the first time last summer

7. I finished writing a novel all on my own

8. I do surveys online to earn gift cards and money

9. I read books with the dust jacket on

The Answers:
1. True!

2. False- Hawkeye (Clint and Kate), Wiccan, and Angel are tied for my favorites!

3. True!

4. True!

5. False- I have a fat mini-dauchshund named Cosmo (named after the Fairy Odd Parents character)!

6. True!

7. False- my friend and I finished a novel together, but as of yet I've never managed to finish a work all on my own :(

8. True!

9. False- I can never do this, I have to take the jackets off and read the naked hardcovers all on their own :)

I Tag:
Okay, I'm a spaz and forgot to tag people in the original post, so I'm now officially tagging these fine bloggers *ahem* Dragons :)
Christina @Books and Prejudice
Emma @Awkwordly Emma
Michelle @Michelle's Minions
Mariah @Vibin With Books


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    1. You were, good job! This was a great tag; thanks again for tagging me :)


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