Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wrap Up (The One Where I Went Back to School)

It's funny that the title of this wrap up has to do with going back to school, because I'm currently writing this from my bedroom at home.  I'm actually back again for a short weekend trip to celebrate Easter with my family.  I know it's tomorrow, but we're actually celebrating it today, and I'll be heading back to school tomorrow morning.  School has started again and I'm rather fond of all my classes so far.  My editing class has us reading articles about the publishing industry, and they're so interesting!  I mean, it probably helps that I'm super obsessed with that same industry, but they really are interesting.  Right now I'm in the middle of an (rather long) article about how scummy amazon is (no surprise there) and it's keeping me entertained.

Finished Last Week
Nothing :(  I think I'm in a book slump and I really need this to change!  If you have any advice, please let me know in the comments!

Currently Reading
There are so many books I'm in the middle of at this point, let me just put it in a list for you, in the order I plan to finish them:
- Age of Myth
- Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge
- White Night
- Bentwhistle the Dragon #2
I want to finish at least one of these this week, hopefully two.

Last Week

Next Week
Sunday-- TV Wrap Up
Monday-- This or That Tag
Tuesday-- Top Ten Tuesday
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday-- Discussion
Friday-- Lady Midnight Spoiler Free Review
Saturday-- Wrap Up


  1. I hate book slumps. Try reading something in a different format from what you usually read. Like an ebook or audiobook. Libraries generally have access to overdrive so you can get both for free. I've gotten myself out of slumps with that before!

    My mom wants me to boycott amazon because they sell animal traps. I'm just like, "do you boycott every store because they carry shit you don't like?" I get it but it's not like they make them. They just sell them. Hope school goes well!

    1. I might try something in a different format, but I have so many books I'm in the middle of right now I would feel guilty starting something else!

      I know what you're saying about boycotting because of a thing they sell- my mom tried this with a store once and it didn't work. My biggest problem with amazon is how they're, more or less, monopolizing the book selling industry right now and I don't like relying on just one place for my books.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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