Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wrap Up (I'm Sorry It's Late)

This coming weekend is finals and classes are drawing to a close so I've been rather busy.  It's also Rep Term, and I wanted to see both productions my school was putting on.  The first one I saw was Secret in the Wings which was good, but not a favorite, and the second I saw was Neverwhere which was AMAZING!  It was so good that I couldn't stop myself and took one of the posters from around the school and I'm going to try to get the cast to sign it.  I'm well aquatinted with the story of Neverwhere, having read the novel and listened to the radio play, and I thought they did a fantastic job.  And now, when I say that the Marquis is my favorite character, all of my friends can agree :)

Currently Reading
The same things I was reading last week- White Night, Bentwhistle the Dragon book 2, and Tell the Wind and Fire.  This week my goal is to finish at least two of these.  Let's hope, since Lady Midnight comes out on Tuesday and I'd like to read that ASAP.

Finished Last Week
I managed to finish volume 2 of Hinges, which was rather good.  I have a review for that coming soon.

Last Week
Sunday-- TV Wrap Up

Next Week
Sunday-- Wrap Up
Monday-- College Journey
Wednesday-- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday-- Discussion
Friday-- Review of Hinges
Saturday-- Wrap Up

So that's it for me!  Spring break is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited.  Also, my classes for next term are ones I'm dying to begin.  I'm finishing up Latin, and next term we're actually reading a text written in latin, and I'm also taking a fiction writing class and a class about editing and the road from manuscript to published novel!!

How're your weekends?  Do anything fun?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I bet Neverwhere would be aww to see on stage! Have you ever seen the tv miniseries? :)

    1. It was phenomenal- better than I thought it would be by far! I haven't seen the miniseries yet because I haven't managed to track it down :( but as soon as I do I'll make it my first priority!


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