Sunday, March 27, 2016

TV Wrap Up

This is where I wrap up and review all the TV I've been watching this month.

The Magicians Season One, Episodes 5-9
This show continues to stun and engage me!  I'm even considering picking up the books again... we'll see, though.  It's gotten much darker- extremely darker (I'm looking at you episode nine- you're just messed up!)- but it's managed to pull off this darker tone quite a bit.  While Quentin's storyline is the most engaging, I'm rather curious to see where Julia's story goes, since I have absolutely no idea at this point.  It has started to falter in the last two episodes, so I hope they start to do more with her again.  And, officially, I have a favorite character: Eliot!  He just comes off the screen and is so lively!  If you watch the show, I'm curious to know who your favorite is, so please comment below!

The Flash Season Two, Episodes 11-13
I just finished the first part of the Earth-2 storyline and I adore it so much!  I mean, yeah, more than that has happened in the few episodes I saw this month, but that storyline is just so great!  And the wardrobe?  I love it!  I think that may actually be my favorite thing about that world.  Wow was that episode awkward though, haha :)  If you watch you know what I'm talking about- the good kind of awkward.

Arrow Season Four, Episodes 11-13
Can I just say Felicity is my role model?  I mean, she's freaking awesome, even confined to a wheel chair.  Which, by the way, there need to be a bunch more wheel-chair bound bad ass characters, because I've noticed a lack in media (shall we get on that Hollywood?).  This whole business with Malcolm and his hand had me on the edge of my seat, which was wonderful.  I loved being swept up completely by this show again.

Legends of Tomorrow Season One, Episodes 2-4
This show has gotten much better, I must say.  And the MVP of the team is Martin Stein, who has to be my absolute favorite and an absolute surprise!  Also shining in the show (to no one's surprise, I'm sure) are Captain Cold and Sara, who's amazing.

Shadowhunters Season One, Episodes 8-10
The parallel universe episode has to be my favorite so far.  It was so cool and I'm so glad they've gone in this direction.  I know the show still has many flaws, but, you know what, I'm really glad it's on the air and that it's getting a season two, because seeing these characters come to life has been such a joy.  My biggest problem right now is Lydia and Alec because MALEC people MALEC!  Let's see how this pans out, though.  I enjoy Lydia outside of the part where she's killing MALEC, but whatever.

The Shannara Chronicles Season One, Episodes 3-6
I'm still really enjoying this show, and, while it drags occasionally, still seems to play like a movie.  It keeps me entertained and always guessing what will happen next.  I have no idea where the show is going but I'm expecting to enjoy it!  Again, I only have one problem, and that's the strange love triangle they're working so hard to push.  I get it, everyone's into everyone, but can we please skip over all of it (since it's underdeveloped) and just move on with the exciting bits?

Daredevil Season Two, Episodes 1-4
I'm going to do a full review of the show at some point, but since I wasn't able to binge it this year (I had more pressing things going on the day it dropped, aka C2E2) I'm only able to catch an episode or two a week.  I love what I've seen so far, especially the Punisher, who is the centerpiece of the show this season.  He's fantastic and it's one of those roles that just draws my attention every time he's onscreen.  I really hope Netflix gives him his own show, sooner rather than later, because it would be phenomenal!


  1. I just recently watched the second episode of The Magicians and I am really liking the adaptation so far, which is surprising since I was so irritated by the book. I'm so glad to hear that it's continuing being so good. You're definitely right, Eliot is the best!

    I've managed to catch up on Shadowhunters, too. It's slowly getting better and I'd even say some of the actors are improving in their parts. All things considered I do really like Lydia...

    I'm glad you're continuing on with The Shannara Chronicles. I've just finished the season recently and I liked how it ended (and I would like another season). But, yeah, I wish they hadn't pushed the love triangle so much at points.

    I still need to start Legends of Tomorrow.

    1. I'm as surprised as you to know it's been continuing to be good! Though it does get really dark and I don't remember it going so in-depth on certain points. I'm curious to see if you like it the further you get through.

      Shadowhunters really has managed to impress me by how much it got better from episode one.

      I really love Shannara I just need more time in the week to catch up!


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