Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday TV

Welcome to another edition of Sunday TV, where I talk about the shows I've been watching lately.  I haven't done much live TV watching lately, which is really detrimental to keeping up on things, but it happens.  I did manage to finish off Jessica Jones, and there will be a full review of that coming shortly.  I'm also in the middle of binge-watching Blue Exorcist, which is so very good, and I just can't seem to stop.

Arrow Season Four
Episodes 5, 6, and 7
I'm really happy with where the show is going.  It's a much lighter season, what with Oliver playing housewife and everyone else doing the heavy lifting.  Plus, Lance is on their side!  Constantine visiting in episode five was a high light (and will be one of my favorite episodes not just for his presence but also for the Oracle reference- which goes a long way to proving many of my theories) and then Ray showing back up in episode six absolutely made my day.  I like how they're slowly moving towards setting up the cast of Legends of Tomorrow on both Arrow and The Flash.

What I don't like: really there isn't much.  I do think there's a bit much with Thea and Laurel is back to making poor decisions, but over all this doesn't detract from the appeal of the show.  Can't wait until the crossover!

The Flash Season Two
Episode 4
They're going to be doing Wally West and nobody told me!  I guess that's my own fault for not keeping up (and as you can tell, I'm still a good three episodes behind...) but I absolutely terrified my dog when I realized what Iris having a brother meant.  You should have heard me screaming "WALLY THEY'RE DOING WALLY".  But, in other regards, I'm glad the Firestorm problem is fixed.  I like this combo much better than the one with Ronnie (who really should have been in the show more and was a wasted character).  I will be missing Stein dearly and I cannot wait for LoT.

One major problem I'm having: Caitlin Snow.  She got over Ronnie way to fast in my opinion, especially after freaking out last time.  They seemed like they were closer and now she has closure that we never got to see develop.  Bothers me, but whatever.  Also, Jay wasn't around for this episode, which is such a shame since I adore him.

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