Thursday, June 25, 2015

TV Review: Supernatural (Season 10)

I'm a pretty big Supernatural fan, but even I admit that the show has degraded into something pretty bad.  The characters have all flattened out, and any new ones introduced don't last long enough to be liked.  The plot line has become rote and I don't actually worry about people dying.  When it's not demons it's witches and when it's not witches... it's not anything.  What happened to hunting ghosts and wendigo's?  (This may end up being more of a rant than an actual review...)

The season started off with an interesting premise that it didn't use for very long, went into a slow dive as the story went nowhere, and then finally picked up at the end with an arc that could have lasted much longer than it did, only to finish with a bizarre new threat.  The show had its moments- it always does- that made me think we were on the right track again.  That musical episode near the beginning of the season was the stuff dreams are made of.  It reminded me of the golden days when Kripke was still in charge and actually pushing it through a cohesive story.

The Stein story in the last few episodes was also pretty good.  I wish they had introduced them earlier and given the boys an actual, developed threat.  Rowena, too, was a great character, and one of my favorite villains in recent years.  I just wish they had pushed her character in there a little more and given her an actual story line.

Looking towards the future, one of the next season's plots is actually going to be the Winchester's dealing with their advanced age.  Hold on!  When that's the plot of a show, I think it means you've run out of ideas.  They were young guys when they started, but now you can tell how old they are, and it has become rather ridiculous what they do.  I'm good with them talking about their advanced age... if they end up following through with it and have the show end.

This is getting really ranty, so I'm sorry.  Suffice it to say, the show isn't what it used to be and I really miss the good ol' days.  Guess it's time to go rewatch seasons one through five and forget the rest even happened.

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