Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spring Wrap Up

So I wrote a similar post at the end of March (a winter wrap up) and really like having this time to reflect on the books I've read since then.  The books are in the order I read them in, and if I have I have a review written I'll link it in.  So these are my favorite books from this spring (happy first day of Summer)!

Tithe was an experience for me.  I was hesitant about reading it for multiple reasons, but I wanted to give it a try before I got rid of it.  I love stories about the Fey, and this did not disappoint.  It was dark and smoky and I want more!  I still haven't gotten to the two sequels, which is my loss, but I do have them and want to.  If you're on the hunt for a great read, this is one.  

Halo Bound was a fluke.  A fluke in that I never would have picked it up normally and that I did at all is a miracle.  I found the author, eden Hudson, on twitter and got a copy of Halo Bound soon after (it's free on kindle- what are you waiting for?).  The narration is different, and the story starts very confusing, but it works out to be a modern masterpiece.  If I could convince everyone to read this book it wouldn't be enough.  

Hawkeye (Vol. 2) wasn't just a good read, but it helped kick off this comic high I've been riding for some time now.  I haven't gone more than two days without reading at least one issue of something, and it's emptying my pocket.  That's not completely a bad thing...

I never expected to read The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender because of the strange concept behind it.  I couldn't have loved it more.  It's one of the most serious books I've read this year and I'll always have moments where I really think about it.  

And my most recent conquest- the Penryn and the End of Days series.  I haven't written the reviews yet, but it's absolutely amazing.  It's rare that I agree on the hype surrounding books, but this is one of the cases that makes it all worth it.  And now that they're all out I don't have to worry about the horrible cliffhangers one and two ended on.

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